Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation is becoming prominent form of business process automation technology based on the concepts of artificial intelligence (AI) workers or software robots. It is a technology that allows a computer program to perform manual process done by a human being. Just like humans robots can perform the tasks like open an application , login into a website, read emails and attachments from an email, Read Databases , Follow decision making conditions (if else). It is used to Automate Day to Day Processes.

GUI testing tools are having strong technical similarities to RPA tools. Top most tools that are most demanded in RPA industry:

  1. Blue Prism (Paid)
  2. Ui Path
  3. Automation Anywhere (Paid)

Let’s continue with a working example on UI Path Studio.

UI path is a paid Tool however user can download its community version for free on Click here

Just Enter your mandatory details and click on Request Community Edition

You will receive a link to download the same on the email which you have mentioned while entering the mandatory details.

Let’s cover one example of Robot, handling Application present on your desktop.

In Our Case we will use notepad.

Let’s start with an overview about UI path studio

UI Path Studio: It is an Automation tool having drag and drop activities, data scrapping, screen scrapping, process recording and condition making powers.

Let’s start building our first Robotic Software With the help of UI Path.


So above is the Dashboard we have, we will click on the process button above which will start a blank project where we can set the name , location and description of the created Robot.

In Our Case we will Name it as SOFT_ROBOT_1

We will continue with the process we created.

The Very First screen will be our Workspace where we will perform all the activity

Or where we can drop our sequences for the flow we are automating

So whatever we start to automate we keep it inside a container.

We will create a Main Sequence and will keep all the events inside the same .

From the search panel we will search “open application” and by selecting the same from results we will drag it inside the sequence .

NOTE: keep your Application already open . In our case we are using notepad so we will keep it open.

Click on Indicate Window on Screen, click on the application you are dealing with

It will Auto populate the screen shot of the application, so that the developer knows about the actual thing he is working on .

Now our agenda was to open an application (Notepad) and write some text inside it .

In Order to that we need to type in activity from the search panel and drag it under the

Do sequence. Now we need to indicate element inside the window just to make sure

Where we need to write inside the notepad

Now Type the text inside the box whatever you feel like but make sure those are under inverted quamas.

The last thing which we need to do is click on the Run button at the top.

Your Robot is created and will take care of the process which you have just created.


UIPATH Tutorials for interested aspirants:

Following were the top 3 links for learning for UiPath. You just need to go to UiPath website and download it, register with UiPath and Start with RPA journey.

The community edition for free and it would be valid for 60/90 days.

  1. Basic Concepts. Intro to UI Automation(UiPath main website)
  2. UiPath Tutorial for Beginners | Get Started with UiPath | Edureka(Edureka)
  3. UiPath – RPA Robotic Process Automation | Udemy(Udemy)


Here you can register for UiPath training academy: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) online Training – UiPath Training

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