Working with Kibana in PeopleSoft

Working with Kibana in PeopleSoft

Overview of Kibana

Kibana for PeopleSoft provides rich analytics and visualization with performance enhancements – enabling better decision-making and improved understanding of your data. 

Kibana analytics don’t affect transactional processing because analytics are run against Elastic indexes, not the transactional database. Kibana is easy to install, configure, and maintain, and it provides superior performance in rendering visualizations.

  • Kibana was first delivered in PeopleTools 8.57 for technical administrators analyzing system and index metrics
  • With PeopleTools 8.58, Kibana is integrated with the PeopleSoft user interface.
  • As PeopleSoft security is applied to the application data, only authorized users can access Kibana and see the data to which they have permission. This is based on the same security that’s applied to search index data

When to Use Kibana

Let’s look at the below Intersect Set to understand key factors when determining whether to use Kibana or pivot grids.

When to use Kibana

Examples of Kibana in PeopleSoft HCM

Kibana is delivered in PeopleSoft HCM; especially in talent management and recruiting.Let’s take a look of an example. In PeopleSoft HCM, using Kibana, you can see all of the data and information of your organization’s structure, employees, and applicants

This is presented in a dashboard with real-time search results. In the example below, using the Kibana analytic in the Workforce Administrator homepage, you can see your organization’s total headcount. To access visualizations, select the Employees by Department tile.

HR Administration
Total number

Creating Kibana Tiles

Kibana is integrated into the PeopleSoft UI with PeopleTools 8.58 This includes ability to create tiles for Kibana dashboards and visualizations. This can appear on Home pages and dashboards. In addition you can include visualization in related information for any PeopleSoft Component.

Component user

Kibana helps you work seamlessly with PeopleSoft pages to keep the user experience consistent and eliminate the need to exit PeopleSoft altogether.

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  1. Priyanka Patil

    Hi, question here
    accessing kibana from PS, asks us the authentication again.

    Though having search administrator role, the user should be able to directly login to Kibana without any credentials …Thanks

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