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Process Automation can be challenging, particularly when determining the right mix of approaches to apply within tight cost and schedule constraints. Effective testing can enable sound decisions about production readiness—and ineffective testing can be costly, either because of excessive testing or undetected defects that can lead to downtime and support issues. To yield high-quality outcomes, enterprises could test every feature of a product on every possible configuration using every approach or sequence that a customer might use. Of course, such an exhaustive process would take so long that the requirement might get obsolete. The key is to create a scientific, structured approach to testing—an approach that will find and fix the highest number of defects in the shortest possible time at the most reasonable cost.

SOAIS has strong domain experience in Enterprise business processes and leverages it to strategically partner with Worksoft for business process validation. Worksoft® is a leading global provider of automation software for business process testing and discovery. Global enterprises use our top-ranked automation to innovate faster, lower technology risk, reduce costs, improve quality, and deeply understand their real end-to-end processes.



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