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Robotic process automation (RPA) is a continuance of innovative technologies used to automate processes and operations traditionally done by humans. Worksoft RPA solutions are generally achieved with automated scripts and best applied to continual, calculable, rules-based exercises. RPA is undoubtedly helpful to enhance the business. It is the essential to implement the Artificial Intelligence. RPA can be done through the Worksoft Certify with an ease.

SOAIS professionals have leveraged their Worksoft Certify expertise towards RPA, reporting, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technologies to deliver value for some of our most important technology clients.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is ideal for many processes, but it is imperative that organizations understand the characteristics for RPA success. Many organizations experience high levels of success with Worksoft Certify RPA deployment while others seem to only succeed in making a bad situation worse. The key to successful RPA deployment lies in predetermining the right tool if your organization’s needs, goals, infrastructure, and business culture are suited to benefit from intelligent software automation.

The potential benefits of implementing a SOAIS powered RPA solution are many, including:

  • Higher employee satisfaction and productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks and providing new opportunities to focus on strategic initiatives and innovation.
  • Reliable and consistent work product as Worksoft Certify automated scripts auto perform at digital speed 24/7/365 with fewer errors, regulatory violations, or fraud.
  • Significant potential cost savings across impacted processes.
  • An audit trail that documents every action and result performed by the automated scripts.

Below are the benefits if the benefits of RPA are achieved with Worksoft Certify:

  1. It is not at all required to have a coding skill to automate RPA functionality using Worksoft Certify.
  2. Worksoft Certify can easily automate API and GUI.
  3. Automation tools are meant to replace the QA resource whereas performing RPA with Worksoft Certify are usually meant to be replace the end user, because it was proposed to automate the business process not the QA.
  4. Worksoft Certify have in-built capability for RPA.
  5. Worksoft Certify is more convenient to automate all the types application where any kind of RPA functionality needs to be tested/automated.