Preparing SAP Environment for Worksoft Certify

SAP GUI involves a onetime configuration that needs to be done to allow an external tool like Worksoft Certify to access and automate it.

For Worksoft Certify to work with the SAP environment, you need to configure the following:


2)SAP Application Server

      1)SAP GUI

Enable Scripting

Worksoft Certify needs the scripting feature from SAP GUI to be enabled to record and playback the script. To do this follow the below steps

  • Logon to your SAP System with your credentials
  • Click on the Customizing of Local Layout and click on Options
  • Click on Scripting tab and check the Enable scripting and uncheck other options below
  • Click on OK 

    Set Modal Properties

  • In the SAP Easy Access screen, navigate to the menu Help→Settings
  • Click the F4 Help tab, select Dialog (modal) radio button and click on the green tick button

    Enable SAP GUI High Speed Connection

    The SAP GUI Logon Pad needs to be configured to use the high-speed connection for your SAP system that you want to automate with Worksoft Certify

  • In the SAP Logon Pad, right click on the system and choose Properties
  • Click the Network tab and choose High Speed Connection (LAN) radio button and click OK

           2) SAP Application Server

    In the SAP server, user scripting must be enabled for Worksoft Certify to interact with the SAP interface. You must enable the scripting permanently in the SAP application server even if the server is restarted. To achieve this, we have to configure few parameters in the SAP server through transactions RZ11 and RZ10.

    Transaction RZ10 is used to permanently enable scripting in the SAP application server configuration. Transaction RZ11 is used to enable scripting in the active SAP application server.

    Note: You must have administrator privileges to make these changes.

    RZ11 Transaction

  • In the SAP Easy Access screen, navigate to the TCode RZ11
  • Input the following parameter Sapgui/user_scripting and click Display
  • Click on the Change Value, Input New Value as “TRUE” and click on Save button
  • Now repeat the above steps for the following parameters as well

    RZ10 Transaction

  • In the SAP Easy Access screen, navigate to the TCode RZ10
  • Input Profile details and edit the profile in the Extended Maintenance mode
  • Profile screen appears
  • If sapgui/user_scripting is already present with TRUE value then your all set!
  • If the above parameter is not found then create the parameter and set it to TRUE by click on the Parameter button in the same transaction screen.Your SAP System is now Worksoft Certify ready!

    Contribution by Avinash Kumar