Peoplesoft HCM Update Image 39 – Kibana Analytics

Kibana Analytics- Benefits Utilization Dashboard/ Payroll & Global Payroll Insights Dashboards

In Peoplesoft HCM image 39, delivered Kibana analytics highlights has been presented Benefits utilization dashboard and payroll & global payroll insights dashboard. Here we are going to focus about Benefits utilization dashboard.

Peoplesoft HCM delivered Kibana dashboard helps Benefit administrator.  It gives intelligently visualization utilizing with elastic search indexes. Benefits information analysis in different measurements such Employees by plan category, Employees by plan type in donut chart type, Bar chart dimensions helps to understand enrolled & waived data. Line chart represents how many employees plan migrations over the past five years.

Benefits utilization Tiles on workforce administrator tab.

Workforce administrator tab

List of Benefits controls (Business unit, Department, Benefit Program & Plan Category) used as filers

List of benefits control

Donut chart shows current employee counts by ‘Employees by plan category’ and ‘Employees by plan Type’

Donut chart

Bar chart gives data approximately how numerous employees enrolled for specific plan and gives data about dependents secured

Bar chart

Employee Subtle elements data appeared in table structure, and you’ll be able assist drilldown to the benefits summary page for each employee.

Employee Subtle elements data

Kibana helps you work seamlessly with PeopleSoft pages to keep the user experience consistent and eliminate the need to exit PeopleSoft altogether.

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