How to Upload and Execute Test cases in VSTS

How to Upload and Execute Test cases in VSTS

What is VSTS

VSTS stands for Visual Studio Team System formerly called Team Foundation Server. It is a Microsoft Product that provides version control, reporting, requirements management, project management, automated builds, testing and release management capabilities. It covers entire Application Lifecycle management features.

There are three columns for upload and execute test cases.

  1. Test Plan
  2. Test Suites
  3. Test Cases

Test Plan: Choose New Test Plan to create a test plan for your current sprint

Test Suite: Create one/Multiple Test Suites under the Created Test Plan.

Test Cases: Add One/Multiple test cases under the Test Plan.

Click on the Test Plan:

Dev Ops
DevOps Team

How to Create Test Suites:

  1. Left click in the below highlighted Three dots.
Test suites

2. Click on New suits:

New suit
Test cases

Inside New suits, three types of suits are there.

  1. Static suite:A static suite of test cases is a suite where the cases have been manually assigned.
  2. Requirement based suite: which suits create Based on Common requirement.
  3. Query based suites: Which suits creates based on a query of test cases.

Once the Test suite is created, Create the test plan for the corresponding test suite.

*Multiple Test suite can create under one test suite.

*Multiple Test cases can create under one test suite.

How to create Test Cases:

New test case

New Test Case tab used for adding the test cases, under one test suite.

  • Define tab:
  • Execute tab
  • Chart tab
  • Define tab: Test cases can add inside Define tab.
  • Add existing test cases: This will open a work item query window, where you can create a query to return test case work items.

*Select Item type, Group and project and click on Run query.

*Based on the projects List of the test cases will come in the Query result field.

*Select the test cases and click on Add test cases.

Add test cases

*Test cases added successfully.

  • Add test cases using Grid:
  • In Title tab: Scenario name will be added in the Title.
  • Step Action: Write the Steps or Flow of the process that how to execute the scenario.
  • Step Expected result: Actual result of the Scenario
  • Assigned to: Tester name

Click Save.

b. Execute tab:


Execution tab Can make the Scenarios Pass, Fail,….

In Chart Tab: There is two option

  1. New Test case Chart
  2. New Test Result chart


* VSTS used across all of Microsoft is that when there’s some useful missing feature, one of the many teams using it might fill the gap and we get to harvest it and make it available to all VSTS customers.

*VSTS can Execute the Test Cases and Store the result of Execution.

* In VSTS we can add the Comments For any defect.

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