Demystifying Certify eXtensibility Framework

What is eXtensibility?

Certify eXtensibility Framework comprises of set of properties which recognizes object and object relationship definitions. It also helps the Certify Cross Browser web engine to recognize, locate and interact with complex Web User Interface Objects in Web Applications.

When to use eXtensibility?

  1. When Objects have dynamic attributes.
  2. In case of Tables-

At times while automating a Web Application on Chrome it’s difficult to find the objects like Checkbox inside a HTML table.  We use eXtensibility framework tool to find such objects and used Set Attribute step to automate.

As you can see in the above screenshot, the Line Item Table has no Column name. As part of our requirement we must select the Checkbox to select all line items. With the help of EXtensibility framework tool, we can create an object using Certify Attribute and automate the given scenario.

How to use EXtensibility?

  1. Go to the below mentioned path and open the EXtensibility Framework Tool

C:\Program Files (x86)\Worksoft\Certify\Interface Client\Worksoft\wsTest\HTML

  1. Click on Select Instance > Click to open the Drop Down and Select the Page you want to Learn > Click on OK:
  2. Once you Click on OK, the page will be learned.
  3. Press Ctrl+L > Hover your Mouse over the object you want to learn > Press Ctrl
  4. Once you Press Ctrl, you can see that the Object gets highlighted with Red and its Attributes get Highlighted in the EXtensibility Framework Tool Window:
  5. Then Right Click on the properties area, click on ‘Add Property’ and Select ‘Certify Attributes’
  6. Once you get the Certify attributes, Right Click on the Attribute String and Click on ‘Copy Value’ and paste it in the Notepad.
  7. Modify the Object Attribute according to your need by adding “Innertext” and make sure that it does not contain ‘Certify Path’ or ‘href’.
  8. Then go to Certify homepage and create the object manually. You can get the “Innertext” to Certify Class of the object from the EXtensibility Properties Area. 

    Contributed by Vinitha P