Customization of BPP report using Merge Field

Worksoft BPP

Worksoft BPP tool is a part of Worksoft Suite and this tool automatically generates comprehensive reports for development, quality assurance and Business Owner Signoff. Certify BPP reports capture sequential set of test steps, as well as screen images of the executed process. In order to generate automated BPP reports you need to first integrate Certify with BPP. To get an overview of this product, please refer this link

We know that Certify has the capability to generate three different types of reports namely Summary, Detail and Recordset. But what if, business owners are looking for a report which can extract only the required information from Certify? This is where BPP will help users to customize their reports as per their requirement. Please refer this link to get a better understanding on when to use BPP and its advantages.

As we now know that Worksoft BPP can be used for generating customized reports, we need to understand how to create a customized report. Reports that are generated from BPP depends on the template that we upload to BPP. Worksoft has provided us a default template that can be used for generating report using BPP. But if you wish to have your own customized report, you need to first create a Template based on your requirement and then upload it to BPP

Below steps will help you in creating your own template using merge fields.


  • Open MS Word document where you would want to create MergeFields for a BPP Template
  • In order to extract the required values from Certify, go to the Insert tab (in MS Word), click on Quick Parts and select Field.

  • In the Field dialog,

– Select Category = (ALL)

– Field names = MergeField

– Enter the Field Name.

  • Now click on OK, this will insert a Merge Field called ResultStatus in your Word Project. Note that the merge field will appear in a label with brackets as shown in the below screenshot.


  • Repeat the above steps for all the fields that you wish to be included in your report
  • Once the Template is created you can save it as a Word Document and upload it to BPP.

Note: The label shown in the merge field and the name of the merge field must match.

Worksoft has provided a list of ‘BPP Merge Fields’ that can be included in our customized BPP report. We have to make sure we include exact field names by referring this document provided by worksoft

Please find the screenshots of a simple BPP Template and the BPP Report which was generated.

  1. Customized BPP Template

Customized BPP Template


  1. BPP Report


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Written By: Rakesh Chandran

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