Creating Custom Objects in Workday

Creating Custom objects in workday

Let’s consider a scenario where we want to record additional data for which there’s no Workday- delivered field.  In order to extend Workday business objects  we can create custom object definitions based on the business object, and adding custom fields. Custom objects enable you to record additional data for which there’s no Workday-delivered field.

List of business objects that can be extended using custom objects

Academic AffiliateAcademic Appointment TrackAcademic Appointment Track (Effective Dated)Academic UnitAcademic Unit Hierarchy
AwardAward LineBank AccountBusiness AssetCompany
Cost CenterCustomerCustomer ContractCustomer Contract LineCustomer Invoice
Customer Invoice AdjustmentCustomer Invoice LineCustom OrganizationDonorEmployee Contract
Employee Contract (Effective Dated)Extended Enterprise LearnerFinancial Aid Period RecordFormer WorkerGift
Job ApplicationJob ProfileJob Requisition (Effective Dated)Learning Course (Effective Dated)Learning Course Offering (Effective Dated)
Learning Program (Effective Dated)Ledger AccountLoanLocationPeriod
Period SchedulePositionPosition Restrictions (Effective Dated)Pre-HireProject
Project PortfolioProject Resource Plan DetailProspectPurchase OrderPurchase Order Line
Recruiting AgencyRegionRequisitionRequisition LineStudent
Student ApplicationStudent Prospect RecruitmentSupervisory OrganizationSupplierSupplier Contract
Supplier InvoiceSupplier Invoice AdjustmentSupplier Invoice LineWorkerWorker (Effective Dated)

Consider a scenario where we need to need Aadhaar card and pan card details for few Indian employees in the system. To create custom object access create custom object task.

Create custom objects

Further the page navigates to general settings here we need to configure the object.

General settings

In the field definitions we can add the new fields for the custom object or even delete the existing fields in the custom object. Here we have created two fields one for Aadhaar card while other for Pan card.

Feild definitions

In the permissions tab we can configure the security for the custom object, all the domains can be described here


After these configurations we need to activate the custom objects

Activate custom objects

We have tried to use the custom object and fields in the custom report. For making a list of Indian worker with their Indian ID

Indian worker

In order to add data to this fields manually, we need to navigate to worker profile> additional data > edit

Edit additional data

Further we need to select our custom object and add data to the corresponding fields.


Similarly we are adding data to few more employees and when we run the report we can see that fields have got populated.

SA Indian Worker

For integrating this data with third party systems we are using EIB

So, let’s create an outbound EIB. Configure EIB in a way that it must fetch data from the custom report that we have created.

Create EIB

Let us launch the EIB to check the output XML file.

View background process

Output XML file with custom object details


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