Assign Roles to user using Workday EIB – Inbound

Assigning Roles using Inbound EIBs

Recently, we have explored the capabilities of assigning roles to an employee or a position in Workday using EIB. Assign Roles web service is used to assign roles to positions or workers. This web service replaces the Assign Organization Roles web service, which is being deprecated. Following are the details:

Equivalent Workday Task – Assign roles from the related actions menu of the Worker Profile or the Position Restriction.

Tips to populate input files:

  • Spreadsheet Key: Use a unique value for each Event Target Assignee that we are updating.
  • Effective Date:
    • If we want the role assignment to be effective immediately, leave it blank to default to today’s date or manually enter today’s date. 
    • We can also specify a future date if you don’t want the role assigned immediately.
    • Don’t use a past date; We should not backdate the role assignment.
  • Event Target Assignee: We can populate this field with Position ID or EMPLID if we want to assign roles similar to Event Target Assignee (say worker or Position X) to worker/position (Say A, B, C) we need to list those workers/positions (A,B,C) also into Assignees to Add column
  • Order Type Reference: Although it shows as required, it should be left blank
  • Update Later Dated Assignments: We will likely want to set this field to Y so Workday doesn’t inadvertently drop the role assignment if there are any future-dated assignments for the role.
  • Assignees to Add+: If we are assigning roles, make sure we populate this field. Otherwise, no roles will be assigned. If we are removing roles, make sure we populate the Assignees to Remove+ field.
  • Remove Existing Assignees for Assignable Role on Role Assigner: Set to Y if we need to remove all role assignments for a given role and

Also please note that the reference ID types in row 4 of the EIB input file are populated with the first valid entry (based on alphabetical order). Many of the assignee fields are using reference ID type Academic_Affiliate_ID We need to change the values to relevant valid entry.

Assignable Role on Role Assigner

Common Issues and Errors

The EIB completes successfully, but you don’t see new the role assignments.

This issue occurs if we have populated a role with older effective date, or failed to load Assignees to ADD+ filed in the template. Also need to make sure that business process Assign roles is completed successfully.

There is no option to launch the integration: This is most likely security-related issue on Assign Roles web service.

The EIB issues these errors:

  1. Assignable Role is not valid
  2. The entered information does not meet the restrictions defined for this field (Assignable_Role_Reference)

Either role is not available or REFERENCE_ID is not populated correctly.

How to Recover from a Bad Load

We can add and remove assignees in the EIB input file. The rescind option is not allowed for this EIB (it is supported only when the assign roles process is used as a sub-process in other business processes). If we need to un-do a role-assignment, we can re-run the EIB to remove the role-assignment.

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