Absence issue in PeopleSoft

Absence issue in PeopleSoft

Cobol related issue in PeopleSoft Absence Management

In the month of October’2020, SOAIS team was about to run payroll for one of our customer and suddenly an issue got reported in ESS leave submission page by many users across various organization.

Users were not able to do leave forecasting and as a result were not able to submit leaves. As the issue was faced by many users and that too during payroll time we had to raise a Sev 1 flag for our support team take care of this on priority. During analysis, we found that the issue is related COBOL files.

This error was mainly caused due to insufficient array size and we need to increase array size into the COBOL file mentioned in the error log.

Cobol related issue in PeopleSoft Absence Management

As part of resolution, post changing the array size we tried to compile the COBOL file and check if the issue has resolved. Trying to compile gave us the below error as unable to contact LMF.

“LMF – 010: Unable to contact license manager”   

On further analysis, we realized that it’s a permission issue which has caused the error. Changed the permission of LMF directory to “777” and again tried to restart the License Manager.“shmflmman” to re-start the License Manager. We have compiled all the Cobol Programs after the LMF started and the issue got resolved.

Below is the syntax to compile the COBOL files dynamically.

  • To compile a single COBOL program dynamically, use this command syntax:


  • To compile all of the COBOL source programs dynamically, issue the command:



As a result, end –users were again able to apply the absence and approve the requests coming from the requesters seamlessly.

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