A View on Tricentis Tosca Framework & Engines

A View on Tricentis Tosca Framework & Engines

Tricentis Tosca is the testing solution to provide Model-Based Test Automation. It supports the most used technologies in software development and enterprise applications to perform end-to-end tests. Tosca is a Continuous Testing platform that accelerates testing to keep pace with Agile and DevOps.

In Tosca there are two different automation frameworks which can be used to recognize controls and create modules. Each of which steers different technologies.

Automation frameworks

Tosca TBox framework is used to steer the UI &Non-UI applications like XBrowser, GUI,API, Xml etc. It is written in C#.

Classic framework is the basis for steering all the other applications not recognized by TBox framework. These applications include Win 32, Excel etc. Classic engine is written in VB script.

Steer with Engines 3.0

Steer with engines 3.0

Specific Engines

The Tosca TBox framework is the basis for steering all XEngines like HTML, JAVA, SAP etc..


Generic Engines

UIA engine

The Tosca UIA Engine 3.0 is based on the Microsoft® UI Automation framework. This framework has been developed by Microsoft® to allow applications of other technologies to be steered as uniformly as possible. Controls are steered exclusively via this interface in the target application. The Tosca UIA Engine 3.0 is part of the Tricentis Tosca Test suite standard installation.

AnyUI engine

As the name suggests AnyUI engine can scan any user interface. The Tosca AnyUI Engine 3.0 allows applications with user interfaces to be steered, independent of the underlying technology. You can use the Tosca AnyUI Engine 3.0 in situations where controls of your test application are not supported by the corresponding TBox standard engine. This is achieved technically by edge deduction and pattern recognition method to identify all the visible objects. Currently, buttons, generic GUI, labels, and text boxes are supported.

Standard Modules

The Standard subset comes with every Tosca installation. The subset once imported as module can be found in Tosca projects ->Modules ->Tricentis Standard Modules.

This folder contains modules that are required for steering Tosca TBox controls and to perform general and specific operations during AUT.

Standard modules

Aid Pack

Aid pack is the additional set of standard modules. It is a set of special execution tasks that can be used to create automated test steps using the Classic engines.


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